How to do Bidding and Estimating for Office cleaning Companies

Office cleaning companies should offer a client a list of their services per hour or per week. They should be clear on what the service includes. This will help potential clients understand what is being offered. If there is any extra work that is not covered in the cleaning job, then both the client and the cleaning service need to reach agreement on an expected arrangement. A preliminary contract should also be determined that will discuss price and hours expected in order for both parties to be on the same page. This is to protect the cleaning service for any potential liability or unpaid wages. The
cleaning company is happy to provide its service, but it needs to ensure that it is not going to be let go without a warning. However, it is also to protect the business from any extortion or potential problems. A company also needs to ensure that their cleaning service is reliable. Thus, recommendations are key when it comes to finding or offering a cleaning service.

Bids from the cleaning service can be offered a number of ways. They can be done on a independent contractor basis, or as a member of the staff. There are various ways to hire a cleaning person; therefore, it depends on both parties on which situation works best. Cleaning services can also be hired for special events only, or on a bi-weekly basis. The schedule and expectations of the cleaning service should be discussed before anything. Then, the work itself should be discussed.

A cleaning service’s work should encompass a thorough cleaning of the entire business from windows to bathrooms. The business needs to lay down their expectations, and the cleaning company should explain their cleaning process. If anything is not included, then businesses may need to increase the price the payment of the service. In order to make sure that this is an ideal situation for both parties, then a trial run is recommended. This will allow a business to ensure that their office is being cleaned properly. Also, it gives the cleaning service a chance to feel out their prospective client. If both the
cleaning service and the business feel confident that the trial was a success, then there should be no reason for the partnership to continue. All that needs to be arranged now is the contract.

Once the preliminary contract has been drawn up, then the cleaning service should give the business time to make their decision. If the contract needs more work, then the client should call the cleaning service to discuss amendments to the contract. For example, who will be supplying the cleaning products? Some businesses do not have cleaning supplies, and it is best for the cleaning service to bring their own. However, some services prefer for the business to buy their own products. These amendments or changes can be addressed in the contract. Both parties should be comfortable and satisfied with the final contract. This will allow each to work in harmony to make the work place safer, cleaner and happier.

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