Janitorial Service Prices

Janitorial service prices vary for different cleaning companies. Therefore, it is not very easy to find the highest janitorial company rates or the minimum rates. The general rule that they apply is the rate per square foot multiplied by the number of squares in an area. The cleaning services earn more in a metropolitan city compared to rural areas. For a janitorial service provider quoting the appropriate price is the key to success. If you charge too much then the new customers will avoid you and if you charge too little then you will not make any profit at all. In order to know the right price to charge you need to be aware of the different pricings in the local market.

Essential factors to determine Janitorial service prices

In order to determine the Janitorial service prices there are a few essential factors that you need to know. Below mentioned are the details that will help you quote the right price.

Supply and Demand: When you are planning to put your quotes forward, you need to observe the demand and supply in your locality. If your company is the only one that is offering such service then you can set a rate that you think is reasonable and check whether people agree to it or not. However, if there are competitors in your area then it is wise to keep the rates minimum so that you at least have some customers. Another way to determine Janitorial service prices is to enquire for the rates that the business and home owners are willing to pay and accordingly fix your price.

One-Time Jobs vs. Contract: A customer may want a one-time job or a contractual job. Therefore, you should consider the type of service you will be providing. If a large business is hiring you for a contractual job to clean the building thrice a week then you should quote them less than what you would quote for a one-time job. Since you are offered a regular service you need to consider their benefit as well.

Different Janitorial service prices

Janitorial Service PricesJanitorial service prices may vary according to the different types of job. Take for example; a small office can be cleaned for approximately $20 or $30 for a single visit. However, for a bigger commercial building you may charge $500 or $700 for a month’s cleaning job. If it is a large company then you can quote the price per square foot. Also if you require various equipments for a particular job then calculate as per the cost of the equipment and your margin.

Further, health care facilities have different cleaning price. This is because they need specially trained professionals as it is a very sensitive place. Also there is a risk of getting infected from the environment around. Moreover, since they offer additional services like waste transportation and management their prices may be higher. Therefore, according to your specific requirement you can look for the best Janitorial service prices and get the advantage.

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