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“Sick employees cost employers $2 Billion every year.”
– Southern Cross Health Insurer –

If you have a staff of employees and want your business to continue to be successful,
it’s time to face the fact that your competitors is not the real threat to your business: it’s
the silent and unseen enemy of germs and bacteria that presents the real danger.

This is the root cause of sickness and disease which can be effectively prevented if you
take the issue of janitorial services for your office environment seriously.

Hi, my name is Daniel from NCA Services and I want to ask you a question: when someone starts sneezing or coughing around you, what’s your first reaction?

If you’re like most people, you instinctively step back away from the person, right?

Why do you do this? Because sneezing and coughing are two indications of illness and you are aware that germs and bacteria is being dispersed in the air and these could make you sick.

Every day here at the National Cleaning Association Services, we talk to employers who are at their wits end dealing with the rising cost of employee health care and intensified competition in the marketplace. We know from our years of experience that germs and bacteria have their origin in different sources, but unsanitary conditions are the number one breeding ground for these enemies to your health and that of your employees.

Our state-of-the-art commercial cleaning services provide companies just like yours with the benefits that maintaining sanitary conditions in your office provide. The value of professional office cleaning extends beyond physical health; being in clean surroundings makes people feel better, because it removes stress and anxiety from the mind.

A healthy office environment translates into a steady increase in the output performance by its employees. Clients of NCA Services are amazed at the difference in productivity and improved morale in their employees, after just a few weeks of using our professional office cleaning services. The decrease in the number of employees becoming ill at work is directly connected to the enhanced level of sanitation.

How Professional NCA Janitorial Services Can Give Your Business the Competitive Edge

The value of a sparkling clean and fresh office environment benefits you and your employees daily but also reinforces the image of your company to your clients, vendors and governmental agency officials when they visit your office. A spotless reception area, neat employee work areas and fresh smelling rest rooms underscore your commitment to success and prosperity.

Unfortunately, not every commercial cleaning business holds to the same standards as the members of the National Cleaning Association. When it comes to providing the highest level of sanitation, we know that there is more involved than just what meets the eye. When you or one of your employees falls sick at work, it’s not a trivial thing: it can impact your health in long run.

Consider the amount of time you spend in your office; the number of hours your employees spend at their workstations, on the production line and interacting with the different departments located throughout your company. The work day for some may be 8 hours, but for others, being at the office 10-12 hours a day is not uncommon. During that time your environment has a tremendous influence on your health and office cleaning services play a key role.

Think about the daily activity that goes on from handling different types of materials and chemicals to having their coffee break and lunch. Consider the number of visitors who enter your office; company messengers, merchant deliveries and suppliers to your business. While they provide valuable services and communications from the business world, they can also bring with them unwanted elements; dirt, fungus, allergens and mold from their shoes, equipment and packaging materials.

All of these activities, interactions and materials are opportunities for transmission of germs and bacteria to affect the health of your workforce. Every one of these activities can produce waste and unsanitary conditions that left unattended can lead to an unhealthy workplace. There are a lot of office cleaning companies who believe that they only need to provide the basic services–a superficial clean. The National Cleaning Association knows from our years in business that to be truly effective, janitorial services must take a scientific approach to eliminate the health threat that face you and your employees during the time spent in your business facility.

The Safest Way

The safest way to protect your health, the health of your employees and your business as a whole is by securing the top level of janitorial services available. Contracting with the National Cleaning Association Services can help fortify the most value asset your business has: the health of the people who manage it and produce its goods and services.

Using substandard janitorial cleaning companies doesn’t really save you money in the long run if their service methods expose you and your workforce to disease-promoting conditions. And it has been medically proven that some of the seemingly minor health conditions that cause employees to fall sick at work can lead to major health problems in the future.

Some of the health ailments which are linked with office cleaning services are:

• Polluted indoor air
• Grimy rest rooms
• Cluttered desks
• Messy refrigerators
• Thread bare carpets

These conditions breed all kinds of germs and bacteria that can cause problems ranging from respiratory disease, mental illness, heart disease and cancer. When germs and bacteria become part of the air supply, these invisible elements attack the health of everyone that breathes the air in your closed office environment.

Protect the Health of Your Employees with the NCA Commercial Cleaning Advantage

Securing the top-notch janitorial services that will protect you and your employees health doesn’t have to be complicated. NCA respects the trust that our clients have in our services and we support that confidence with professionally trained managers and evaluation system to maintain consistent quality. The standards used to rate the performance and effectiveness of the office cleaning methods is more strict than what most commercial cleaning companies may use.

NCA company owners use an inspection process that is far more critical because the bottom line for us is to eliminate the maximum level of challenges to a healthy work environment.

We work with business owners to keep them abreast of workplace issues that can compromise the effectiveness of our professional cleaning services such as worn-out carpets. The National Cleaning Association also makes training and the use of quality equipment a part of the arsenal we employ to detect and eliminate problems before our clients see them.

The National Cleaning Association network is comprised of professional janitorial cleaning companies. We ensure consistent quality of service with monthly performance evaluations completed by the business manager. This is part of the commitment that NCA has made to provide our clients with the superior level of service that we promise and strive harder everyday to deliver.

Each of our clients facilities are inspected on a bi-weekly schedule by an Operations Manager who coordinates the services with an on-site manager. Your services will be reviewed for efficiency and assess if any improvements need to be made.

We’re Dedicated To Training

NCA is well aware of the image of janitorial service industry and we are dedicated to training, managing and supervising our personnel to uphold the highest standards of sanitation. This commitment goes beyond the advanced training to include proficiency in adhering to OSHA guidelines and instruction of the use of most advanced and environmentally safe equipment, materials, supplies, policies and procedures.

The National Cleaning Association takes the perspective of being your first defence in protecting your employees’ health seriously. We want to be your partner in the battle against the health threats that lurk within a closed, indoor environment.

“NCA has developed a proven method of operation that eliminates threats such as bio-pollutants, allergens, mold, dirt, germs and bacteria to keep your employees healthy on the job. This helps your business remain in compliance with regulatory agencies and limits your exposure to liability lawsuits.”

Let NCA bring the benefits of our professional office cleaning and maintenance services to your business. Take advantage of the expertise our highly trained staff can provide to the environment where you spend one-third of your day.

Let our quality-care system of janitorial services maintain your premises and make it an environment that supports your employees productivity and your business profitability by saving you time and money.

The National Cleaning Association is not your average office cleaning company. Let us help you keep your workplace safe from the serious health threats that can be found in every business environment and avoid the legal problems that can result from these dangers.

Find out how you can better protect yourself and your employees health with a FREE SERVICE QUOTE for professional NCA janitorial services today. Call us now at 888-8888-888 and we’ll be happy to help!





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