Standard Inclusions In Janitorial Cleaning Services

When you walk into an office, you cannot find papers strewn, mugs with dried coffee, files with the contents spilling etc. If anything wrong is found inside the office, the entire blame goes to the janitors. The janitorial service is one of the most important elements for any office. When you are going to hire a janitorial service provider, there are a number of things to be considered apart from the scope of the services provided by them. It is really very important for you to set up the terms before handing over the office to the janitorial service provider. You should specify them what are the services needed to be done by them. There are some basic things which are included in all janitorial service. They are:

Janitorial Cleaning Services

Standard Inclusions In Janitorial Cleaning Services




Cleaning is the most important thing for any janitorial cleaning service. The janitorial service providers clean your office and they do all the grunt work which cannot be done by any office staff. Every staff working in an office always wants perfectly cleaned office and the janitorial service providers do all cleaning activities such as mopping the floors, vacuuming, waxing and cleaning the windows.


Maintenance and restocking:


The next thing which is done by almost all the janitorial cleaning service providers is washing the bathrooms. Some other activities include restocking the toilet papers, emptying trash cans, refilling the soap dispensers and repairing the broken faucets. Most of the janitorial cleaning services have their plumbers and if you need any plumbing work to be done along with the janitorial works then they will help you to find out the plumber and they will reach your office. If you hire the plumbers referred by the janitorial cleaning service providers, then you can expect some discount on the total bill and if you hire a new plumbing agency then you might need to pay huge amount of money to them.

Janitorial Cleaning Services

Janitorial Cleaning Services




The janitors do all the clean up works after the job is done. There are some added tasks of securing the building which are done by the janitorial cleaning service providers. They ensure that all the windows and doors are closed and all the lights are switched off. So, you can have peace of mind after handing over the keys of your office to the janitorial cleaning service providers.




If you have space for gardening in your office area then you might want to do some gardening in that space. If you do not want to clean your garden by your own then you can ask the janitorial cleaning service provider to clean up the garden and they might also help you to prune hedges, mow lawns, trim flowers and sometime they can also shovel snow.




This might not be a standard thing in a janitorial service contract but if you want, you can ask the janitorial cleaning services providers to handle the upholstery and repainting jobs but you should check whether the staff working with the janitorial service provider are well trained or not. Always, you should remember that that janitorial service provider should be picked up with proper care.

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